How to remove Sharepoint 2013 Quick Launch and/or Top Link Bar

You might be wondering how to remove the Quick Launch and/or Top Link Bar from Sharepoint 2013, well it can be done in two ways.

First is by adding a script editor content on you page and another is by modifying your master pages.  Lets start!


First thing you need to do is to identify which <div>tags you want to disable. So if you open your Sharepoint site from your favourite browser identify the <div> id’s of the following elements you want to hide but to make it easy here are the 3 main areas developers usually disable or hide.

  • Quick Launch menu – it has an id called sideNavBox
  • Top Link Bar – it has an id called titleAreaBox
  • Content Area – it has an id called the contentBox

3. Key Elements

You can also use the shared class by both navigational elements to disable both navigation links in one css style and it is called ms-core-navigation

4. Key Elements 2

Now that you had identified it all you need to do is embed a Script editor, this is the first method.

1. Script Editor

Hide the following elements you are after, you will also need to re-align your content so it will look aesthetically nice. Here is an example code you might need to use.

#sideNavBox { display: none }
#contentBox { margin-left: 15px }

2. Codes to remove menu

But wait! this scenario is only for page by page basis, if you want to totally remove the navigation on your Site then you have to do it in codes which is the second method.  You can do it by editing your master page.  By default if you haven’t done anything to your Sharepoint instance the default master page will be the seattle.master.  Add you codes there and it will disable the element you are after for the whole Team Site.

5. In Code